Delicious Sunday Lunches Delivered Straight to You


Delicious Sunday Lunches Delivered Straight to You.

By far our most popular food is our Sunday lunch menu that is delivered to your home.

Delivery is free within 3 miles of the cafe and just 50p per mile outside this area.

Choose between beef or chicken or our specialty meat of the week. Or just ask for all 3. We also do a vegetarian Sunday roast which is usually a nut roast.

Vegetable choices
Roast Potatoes
Mashed Carrot and Turnip
Sprouts or Green Beans or Peas

Meat Choices

Alternating gammon, lamb or pork. We also do a Vegetarian Lunch. (please call for details)

Single Meat Roast  £7.50

Double Meat Roast  £8.50

Triple Meat Roast  £9.50

Phone before 4.00pm on Sundays if you would like delivery.